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Stay human on social media

By The Socialite Media 11 months agoNo Comments

Social networking is a significant approach to drive targeted traffic to your site, brand or blog. It is becoming a key player for companies and individuals to use when creating an online presence because of the decrease in mainstream media since the domination of the digital media and social networking.

We need to remember that social networking isn’t a one-way street! One big mistake brands make is taking there followings for granted.  Social networking is simply that 1. Social 2.Networking! You need to interact and show your audience some love through relationship building strategies such as genuine likes and comments, not the spam comments you see these days that has nothing to do with the instagram image or post. Major turn off guys!

Secondly, stay away from the copious direct message that directly sells or sends spam to your new followers that you have not developed a relationship with yet, it is the quickest way to get you unfollowed. If you must integrate a personal message in your social media strategy then think about what will help my audience? What can I give them? What will they find beneficial? We need to be human on social networks not sales orientated robots. Imagine if someone walked up to you at a business networking event and the first line they said was their sales pitch. Or hey I am on instagram, twitter and snapchat follow me here? You would be pretty put off right?

Let’s remember that Instagram is absolutely necessary for practically any entrepreneur that has a visual brand or product. It gives the straightforward ability to do highly targeted user interactions and social network marketing with great results at a extremely low cost.

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