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What a social media strategy can do for you

By The Socialite Media 11 months ago6 Comments

We have all heard about how we can increase our reach using social or perhaps get leads and make sales. Yet when it comes to the crunch is your social media strategy yielding results? If not it’s time to get a strategy!

A social media strategy can:
1. Increase Search Engine Rankings
See a rapid increase in your search engine rankings with tried and tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methods such as link building and regular content publication.

2. Increase Brand Recognition and Generate a Loyal Customer Base
When your strategy is on point you can use content marketing and social media to further establish your brand, rewarding your existing audience, and reaching new potential customers or even perhaps your competitors customers.

3. Increase Inbound Traffic and Conversion Rate
With clear direction your social media strategy can drive targeted organic traffic to lead or sales conversion with appropriate and well designed landing pages, store fronts or sign up lists.

4. Create Quality Content
Quality content serves a number of incredibly valuable services, from establishing your business as authority on a topic, to increasing search engine rankings and the number of organic visits to the site. The great thing about good content will continue to drive traffic long after it’s publication.

5. Reduced Marketing Expenses
Whereas more traditional forms of marketing can rely on a high volume scattergun approach. The beauty of digital marketing is that with right knowledge and expertise, you have all the tools and data to truly minimise costs and maximise ROI (return on investment).

Our team specialise in planning, building and activating brands and websites that are functional, beautiful, and engaging. But we do much more than just design and develop.

With technology on our side, we implement the use of cross-platform content, combine the principles of online campaigning and advertising, focus on search engine optimisation (SEO), incorporate pay per click (PPC) advertising where appropriate, explore social media marketing (SMM) and email direct marketing (EDM), examine keyword search trends, use content discovery and understand the importance of considered use of social media to get your name ‘out there’ and in the right places.

Google’s search algorithms are confusing and ever-evolving, but are also your friend when treated right. With the correct optimisation of your web pages and appropriate use of keywords and tags (along with a host of other techniques), we are able to market and position your brand or product.

Through a methodical auditing and discovery process, we fully engage with you to listen to your needs, research your target audience in order to understand their wants, analyse key performance indicators (KPIs), and offer comprehensive, long-term marketing solutions. Our aim is to develop a sustainable digital plan that will attract audience engagement with your company.

Being in the incredibly competitive industry that we are, we understand exactly both how and why a strong digital strategy is necessary to be successful in today’s digital economy. Digital Strategy helps businesses plan effective cross-platform digital marketing campaigns that combine web, mobileFind Article, and social media specifically and articulately.

We look forward to working with you.

The Socialite.

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  • Erin says:

    A good social media strategy is definitely key to building a business. Especially when it comes to SEO, I think it’s really helpful to have someone who knows all the latest developments and how to put it all into action for you!

  • Carola says:

    Social Media strategy is so important! Great to read this. There are so many advantages. I really love it for generating a loyal customer base. I use social media for my blog a lot. It’s so helpful!

    • admin says:

      Yes it is a great strategy for building your traffic with interested groups of users! Thank you for your thoughts Carola 🙂

  • Eugenia says:

    I can totally relate to this! Never underestimate the power of social media for your business. It’s a really great tool that helps to increase page rank, get more traffic to your website with costs minimization and maximizing the ROI!

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