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Instagram is Ghosting Accounts!

By The Socialite Media 2 years agoNo Comments

Ensure you still get seen!


We have all seen those accounts that boasts loads of followers yet the engagement rate is super low! Or perhaps those spammy accounts that comment 100’s of emojis or comments that just don’t make any sense! Instagram has wised up to these bot actions and has introduced a new algorithm and has ghosted spammy accounts. What does this mean? They won’t be seen.

Let’s now take a step back for a minute to realise that all software is not bad, its all about how you use it! By combining the power of expert marketing intelligence with software allows you to grow and reach your goals as part of an integrated social media strategy.

Here at The Socialite Media we will be cycling our accounts in and out of engagement and growth strategies to ensure that your brand stays on top!

Worried that you are getting ghosted? Get in touch with us today and let our team look after your accounts! We can jump start you on an engagement package for as little at $30 per month.

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The Socialite Media.

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