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How to grow your social media following

By The Socialite Media 11 months ago3 Comments

Growing a following on Social Media Takes daily work!

Here is our top 3 tips on how to grow a social media following and start getting results today.

1. Start interacting through likes and follows on accounts that match your fan base. This is all part of Social Network Marketing. Try it right now, pull out your phone and follow some accounts that are similar to yours, I bet within minutes you will have a new fan.

2. You may not be aware that Instagram has now changed it’s algorithm. Here at The Socialite Media have adapted our strategy to best utilise the new algorithm which means we will cycle between a growth and an engagement strategy for your account. At home you can grow your engagement by taking the time to reply to genuine comments from your fans as this will help you grow your engagement and allows you to continue to rank higher. If you want to take it to the next level hit the search field and type in a topic of your interest. Then go through and make genuine comments on the accounts that peak your interest.

3. Always use 30 hashtags per post! Make sure you add them in the comments section below. If you are unsure of which tags to use, we have a winning three tier strategy that will guarantee to get you in the featured hashtag sections. We can develop this for you for as little at $30. You want to ensure you are breaking through the clutter and are getting found!

Keep growing!

Your friend,

The Socialite Media.

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  • rae says:

    thank you so much for this. I am learning how to promote my blog and it is overwhelming. I have never thought to add hashtags to my posts. brilliant. the only feedback I can give you is the color of your font it really light and hard to read for us with bad eyes.

  • Jon says:

    Good advice. ✌?

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