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6 marketing strategies to combat the new Instagram algorithm

By The Socialite Media 10 months ago5 Comments

Since June 2016 Instagram has been rolling out it’s new algorithm which they claim is to enhance user experience through  “ordering to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” What this means is that posts are no longer shown due to timing of the post, they are based on the popularity and relevance to the user.

Many users are now finding it hard to be seen and their engagement levels are plummeting due to this new “user experience”. So you may be wondering how do I stay ahead of the curve? Well there are several ways to work with the algorithm to grow your brand.

  1. Engage with your brand’s audience: Instagram’s new algorithm ranks users highly who interact with their audiences. The Socialite Media has deployed an engagement strategy with all of their accounts so that brands are constantly engaging with their fans multiple times per day.  A great way to take this strategy to the next level is to engage with your brand’s advocates for instance: If you owned a yoga clothing brand, you could have users post a photo of themselves in your brands clothing even better if it is geotagged to your storefront. This is a great way to increase organic followers, comments and likes.
  2. The rise of pods: The intention behind pods is that a group of users collaborate together in liking and commenting on each others social media posts. The increased engagement from comments and likes on the posts will make them more likely to appear higher in their followers’ feeds. The downside is that there are generally a large amount of leechers in each group and they are time consuming hard to monitor for the moderator. At The Socialite Media, we have created a solution to this so the risks associated with liking pods. We now offer a liking pod solution to all current clients. To get started just email us and we will align your account with an appropriate pod. We are also considering putting together a commenting pod, if you are interested drop us a line.
  3. Engagement call to actions:  The easiest strategy to keep your brand ranking on top of the content feeds on instagram’s new algorithm is through users likes and comments. Deploying a marketing strategy to encourage users to interact with your brand is a surefire way to keep you on top!
  4. Know your niche:  Instagram now filters the images and content posted in order of relevance. You want to make sure your have a clear outline of your target audience and regularly check in with who is following you and whether they align. Make sure you are posting content which is relevant to their interests.  For instance, if you have a business that is in the homewares and lifestyle industry, your content should be structured to conform to that specific niche, such as offers on homewares and stay away from off brand posts such as a MacBook competition.
  5. Slow your schedule: While you are working out your new posting schedule remember less is more! Post and observe your number of likes and comments in line with the frequency. Give your posts some time to gain traction. When you’re achieving your desired engagement numbers then release your next piece of content. Digital marketing is all about quality content and gaining reach.
  6. Hold back on the hashtags: I know, I know didn’t we say not too long ago to always have 30 hashtags? Well that did render true but now you will likely find if you use 30 hashtags you will more than likely get shadow banned. You may be wondering what number should I be using? We recommend trialing various numbers.  Once you have posted you can check here to see if you have been banned. If you have simply delete the number of hashtags and try again. Each account varies, so you will need to put into place your own special hashtag recipe for your brand.  


The Bottom Line

Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool for businesses if it is used right. It’s time to work on engaging your audience not spamming them.  If you don’t have time to continually work on an engagement strategy we can always execute one for you, simply get in touch with us today to get started. 


Your friend,


The Socialite Media!


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