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How I use hashtags to go viral on Instagram and how you can too!

By The Socialite Media 9 months agoNo Comments

I have a secret hashtag recipe that I use to go viral on Instagram 

How I use hashtags to go viral on Instagram and how you can too!

Instagram’s top posts  is great place to sit for a brand, especially if you want to go viral.

Hashtags are communities build around an interest and movement, being able to place your brand in the top posts of these highly targeted communities that are readily pre made is gold. There is a two step strategy to achieving this.

Choosing the right hashtags. Most people go for the large and most popular hashtags but that is a no no! Especially if you are a start up account. Your hashtag will go to waste as you are going to get lost in the feed of millions of users who are trying to catch the attention of the audience. You want to be able to out rank other accounts. If no one can see you then your opportunity to go viral is very low.  To do that you need to go niche.

I like to spice up my hashtag recipe with 2:3 smaller hashtags being 50k and under and 1:3 popular, trending or viral instagram hashtags. To help you decide on how small to go, look at how many likes the top posts have on them. That will give you an indicator on whether you need to move to a smaller hashtag to gain that precious real-estate.

The second step is to get those likes! Wait a minute isn’t that why we are here? Yes, so you need to boost your engagement quickly when you release a new post on Instagram. The faster the growth rate the more your post will be featured in your followers news feed.  Instagram’s algorithm will deemed the activity as high ranking content. We also know we need to get a certain number of likes for top posts.

You can achieve this by joining an engagement pod where users comment or like each others content. You need to remember that the purpose of the pod is not for vanity likes but to rank your content so that you are holding your best position in top posts. Of course there is always pod leechers and sometimes it takes a while to find a good pod. We have a pod service that is executed for you by our account managers so you can skip the leechers, research and sit back and enjoy the results. You can get it here.

Make sure you tag us #welovesmedia so we can see you start hitting top posts!!!

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Your friend,


The Socialite Media.

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