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How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

By The Socialite Media 5 months agoNo Comments
How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

Sick of working on individual jobs for brands? Looking for a steady stream of income as an influencer? Then perhaps you should consider becoming an instagram brand ambassador!

What’s a brand ambassador?

brand ambassador (also known as a corporate ambassador) is a person who is hired by a brand to represent them in a positive light. The aim of hiring the brand ambassador is to increase brand awareness, brand favorability and generate sales.

How to become an Instagram Brand AmbassadorBrand ambassadors are required to embody the corporate identity of the brand in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.

What can a brand ambassador do for you?

Brand Ambassadors can:

  • Widen your reach – Ambassadors in your niche already serve a large audience of people who are interested in the same things. By coordinating with them you’ll be able to reach a much wider range of people who have not yet heard of your product or service.
  • Humanize your brand – Consumers are able to relate more with a human face than a faceless brand is. Being able to connect a face with a brand allows people to relate more, especially when authenticity comes into question.
  • Increase your presence online – You’re not able to promote your brand 24/7 around the globe, so having people out there releasing content when you aren’t is invaluable. Ambassadors will be able to give you that extra boost in different time zones, languages, and markets.

A great example of a local ambassador program is LuLu Lemon. They employ local brand ambassadors in the Yoga and fitness fields to embody their products. LuLu Lemon Ambassadors are generally leading instructors in the area. This gives them a large influence over fitness consumers in the local area.

How to become an Instagram Brand AmbassadorHow to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

How to become brand ambassador

In order to become a successful brand ambassador you will need to learn how to sell yourself!

1. Sell Yourself.

This can be uncomfortable for some people. A brand will be looking for someone who best represents its values and personality. You need to let the brand know what makes you a good fit. How can you do this?

You need to make sure that the content you are creating organically fits with the brands you are pitching.

Olivia Rink always has her hair on point! If you go through her feed you will see that she has multiple reoccurring posts about Kerastase.  She never has a hair out of place and that long blonde main we would all die for. This makes her the perfect ambassador for the brand.

How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

If you are a loyal supporter of a brand — such as being a past customer or an engaged follower who likes and shares the brand’s posts on a regular basis — you’ll be sure to score some bonus points.

If you look at Aliviadandrea her account is all about fitness, health and flexibility. Alivia is a Nike partner and you can see how her feed authentically represents Nikes health and fitness values. 

How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

2. Get a media kit.

Part of selling yourself is having a killer media kit that you can send to brands. This is your resume as a content creator! Your media kit should display the statistics of your online reach and partnership capabilities.

Even those who wish to be micro-influencers (accounts with less than 10k followers) should have something on hand to share important details about themselves with potential partners.

Here are 5 essentials you must have in your media kit to pitch to brands.

How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador


You’ll want to include a short blurb about you and your media outlets. This is where you want to show your niche and what your personal brand is all about. What makes you qualified to work with a brand, what do you bring to the table. This of this as your unique selling proposition.


Without reach or influence a niche won’t do you any good. You need to display your social accounts, media outlets (like a blog, podcast, writing credits, etc) and your analytics for each.  You want to be able to display your reach as well as your engagement. We all know that you can go ahead and buy 100k followers for a few dollars, but if you don’t have the engagement there brands will smell those ghost followers a mile off.

How to see who views your Instagram profileHow to see who views your Instagram profile


Now that you have the audience we need to make sure that you have the right niche for the brand you are pitching. For instance there are so many bikini models on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers but their audience is primarily male. That would not be a good fit for a bikini brand as they would not make sales.

A good break down to start with in your media kit is gender and location.


You should include what sorts of collaborations you can provide to your potential partners.  Will you do social posts, videos, stories, write sponsored or guest blog posts, write recipes, create freebies, host takeovers, contests, etc? Add those types of partnership ideas to your media kit so brands know how they can work with you.  If you want to provide rates, you can do that here as well, although it’s not 100% necessary (you can negotiate terms later).


Make sure you include your email, phone number + any other ways to get in touch. Include links to your blog, website, podcast or any other social media profiles as well.

Well if that was all a little overwhelming for you, you can simply download our killer media kit template and simply fill in the information gaps! We also have a few extra sections not discussed in this post to ensure you stand out!!

Instagram Brand Ambassador


3. Build followers and engagement.

To be a successful brand ambassador you need to have an area of influence. You need an audience to represent the brand. This can be through multiple social media platforms. Alivia above boasts over 100k followers on Instagram and has close to 1M subscribers on Youtube! That is a large reach!!!

When your followers give you genuine compliments that are related to the current post, it shows they are attentive and care about what you’re showing them.

A great way to build engagement is by using our hashtag recipe to get your posts featured in Instagrams top 9 posts and the explore feed.

We also have an Instagram growth machine that helps you grow your account with niche organic followers. Get your subscription here:

Read now: How I use Hashtags to go Viral and How you can Too!

4. Create a cohesive brand identity.

The most appealing accounts are those that are easy on the eyes and have clear, concise personalities. After all Instagram is a visual social media tool! Your top 9 photos in your feed are your channels magazine feed so you want to make sure that the look is cohesive and has a nice flow to it!

Sticking to the same areas of interest shows constancy, builds a nice audience and allows brands to recognize your account’s identity.

To create a cohesive Instagram feed ensure that you stick with similar filters and apps to give your photos a cohesive look.

Here are a few Instagram accounts that we are crushing on!

@sarah_peretz  and @artsypatee both cultivate stunning rainbow feeds with bright pops of colour.

become an Instagram Brand AmbassadorHow to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

Leading Instagram Brand Ambassadors and Influencers to aspire towards

Some of the most influential bloggers in the fashion industry, many of them also considered “lifestyle” bloggers are making a killing with sponsored content. Danielle Bernstein of @weworewhat has amassed over 1 million followers, and according to a 2015 article in Harper’s Bazaar, the cost of a single piece of sponsored content (i.e. one Instagram shot) on her feed ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. (Sponsored content is usually designated with something like #ad or #sponsored on the post). As you can see her feed reads like Vogue magazine. It has a strong theme with high quality images.

Instagram Brand Ambassadors

Red Bull Worldwide Ambassador Program

Since the Thai energy drink first hit western markets, brand promotion has been a central part of Red Bull’s business model.  Red Bull has a brand ambassador program to promote the brand and its initiatives on social media. At the core of Red Bull’s brand ambassador program strategy lies a large group of athletes that compete in a wide variety of sports, including — but not limited to — air racing, basketball, chess, skiing, skateboarding, and BMX.

View this post on Instagram

wingsss @redbull #givesyouwings

A post shared by Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin23) on

Maybelline’s It Girls Travel The Globe

Maybelline generates engagement from active or potential customers around the world by partnering with various fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers as brand ambassadors. On Instagram, Maybelline brand ambassadors post photos using the hashtag #MaybellineItGirls to their thousands or millions of followers.

How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

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How to become an Instagram Ambassador
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How to become an Instagram Ambassador
Sick of working on individual jobs for brands? Looking for a steady stream of income as an influencer? Then perhaps you should consider becoming an instagram brand ambassador!
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