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Free Instagram analytics! Launching Our new Instagram Analyzer

By The Socialite Media 3 weeks agoNo Comments
Free Instagram analytics

We are so excited to launch our new Free Instagram Analytics program for all to use!

Why use The Socialite Medias Instagram Analytics Tool?

First off you may be wondering why would I use this new Instagram Analytics tool? Instagrams analytics are great and available in my app! Our free instagram analytics tool has great key features and benefits that Instagram does not currently offer.

Find out your average engagement level

Our free Instagram Analyzer shows your engagement break down based on likes and comments. Not only can you access key metrics on your own account but you can also do the same with competitor accounts.

Free Instagram analytics


Free Instagram analytics on any account

You can search any users account and create a direct comparison table.

Compare unlimited Instagram analytics - Free Instagram analytics

Track your Instagrams followers & followings growth

free Instagram analytics


Check Instagram Accounts Activity

This can tell you whether other users are using a f/uf strategy.

free Instagram analytics

Track Top Posts on Instagram

See what your users love so that you can produce more content inline with your audiences interests. See what posts are popular on other accounts in the same niche to give you content creation ideas!

free Instagram analytics

Track Top Mentions and Hashtags

This one is handy for competitor or complimentary accounts. See what hashtags are working for them and who they are mentioning. Adapt and test these strategies in your own social media plan.

free Instagram analytics

Compare engagement levels to the industry standard

This allows you to see how engaged your users are and if you have a growing active audience or is it full of ghosts. This is a handy tool for brands looking to find social media influencers.

free Instagram analytics

Summary of  Instagram media statistics

free Instagram analytics

To get started simply head on over to our free Instagram Analyzer here.

Simply register your account.

Free Instagram Analytics Free Instagram Analytics Add the Instagram profiles you want to analyze.

Free Instagram Analytics

Hit favorite so that your reports can populate over time.

We hope you enjoyed our Free Instagram Analytics make sure you share it with a friend!

The Socialite Media.

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