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Implement an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.

By The Socialite Media 2 months agoNo Comments
SEO strategy for Instagram

Are you curious about how to Implement an SEO strategy into your Instagram account? Or how to increase your social media growth using SEO tactics? Then read on we will show you how to apply an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.

Today we are going to be setting up your Instagram profile for success by implementing social media SEO Strategy and Tactics. Todays tools for success you will need are:

1. You’re laptop or phone handy with your Instagram account.

2. Internet access.

Let’s get started!

Defining your Instagram goals:

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” T Robbins.  

In order to achieve success, we must define the goals that you are working towards accomplishing. Here are three questions to help you define your objectives for your social media strategy:

1. Are you trying to establish a brand? Or are you a brand?

2. Are you trying to or do you currently sell products?

3. Are you working towards becoming an influencer?

If you are establishing a brand do you have a link to your website in the bio? If you are selling products is your Instagram account shoppable? Becoming an influencer? Do you have a blog or a means of capturing leads from your account?

All of these goals have different call to actions. Ponder what your goals are and how your account can serve you better.

Action item: Implement one of the following onto your Instagram account that best suits your needs:

  • Lead capture form or lead magnet. I use Convertkit.
  • Shoppable feed.
  • Website link.
Social media growth using SEO tactics

Implementing SEO on your Instagram account

Now that we have clearly defined goals let’s see how we can incorporate a search engine optimisation strategy into your Instagram account. We will be focusing on your Biography, Username, developing keywords and Handle when implementing a social SEO strategy.

SEO for your Instagram Biography

Let’s start withIn your bio. The biography in your Instagram account is a space where you want to tell your user what to expect when they follow you.

Here are a few key points to consider when writing your biography:

1. What is your Instagram account about?

Fashion, Marketing, Health or Fitness? Define your niche and stick to it.

2. Establish your authority!

Do you have credentials? Perhaps experience? If so incorporate it into your profile. Give users a reason to increase their trust in your recommendations.

3. Where are you located?

This is great to note because other influencers and brands will want to collaborate with other users in the same geographic location. You will also find that when people develop a relationship with your online profile users will feel more connected if you are in a similar geographic location.

4. How can you be reached?

This is really important I know so many business users that do not have their contact details on Instagram. If you want to make sales or close brand deals you need to provide a way for users to contact you. Either place your email address in the bio or switch to a business profile on IG so that users can contact you with the click of a button. If you need help in changing to a business account check out IG guide here.

Refining your Instagram Handle

Does your Instagram handle show who you are and what you are about? For instance is it Vanessa123487 or is it StylistVanessa. Tell people exactly who you are and what you are about. Give them an immediate reason to follow you.

Social media SEO Tip:

Instagram handles are searchable. What does that mean? If a user is looking for a stylist, if you have the keyword stylist in your username your profile will rank in the search engine when the word stylist is entered.

This also applies to your Instagram name. My personal profile name is Aerialist Vanessa. Why? Because I want to come up when people are searching for Aerialists or Aerial arts.

Take a moment to think about how can you make your username come up in search rankings? What keywords are your target market using to find information on Instagram?

Notice how health and fitness leader Emily Skye has fit in her username? That is no coincidence! She is using SEO optimisation in her username.

Finding the right keywords

If you are stuck finding keywords you can use to help you brainstorm keywords in your niche.

Action Item:

1. Implement keywords into your profile whether it is in your name, profile or user handle.

2. Bonus points if you can incorporate it into all three!

I hope you enjoyed our tips on how to incorporate a search engine optimization strategy into your Instagram account. If you are looking to grow your Instagram account you can take our free Instagram Growth course here:

Social media growth using SEO tactics

I hope you enjoyed our tips on how to implement an SEO strategy for your Instagram account. If you are looking to grow your account with real organic followers you should check out our Instagram Growth service here: Checkout

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SEO strategy for Instagram

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Implementing an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.
Article Name
Implementing an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.
Are you curious about how to Implement an SEO strategy into your Instagram account? Or how to increase your social media growth using SEO tactics? Then read on we will show you how to apply an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.
  Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing
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