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How to Become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

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How to Become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

You asked we answered. Read our FAQ and Answers on how to become a brand ambassador on Instagram in 2019.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is a person who is paid to endorse and represent a brand. Before social media, this was simply left to the celebrities who had a large fan base.

Today anyone who has a strong social media following can be a brand ambassador. Why? Because we can now grow our own influence over others by becoming experts in our own niche or just simply by being well liked.

How do you become a brand ambassador on Instagram?

How do you become a brand ambassador on Instagram?

  1. Create a brand identity
  2. Build a social following
  3. Get a media kit
  4. Sell yourself to brands
  5. Get an agent

Creating a brand identity is no easy task. It can be overwhelming to work out what niche you want to enter and quite simply how! We have a free online course that will help you build and define your own social media strategy taking you through all the core principals you will need to develop. We also have daily tasks for you to implement. To enroll for the course simply drop your details below.

    To become a brand ambassador on Instagram then you would focus on growing your influence on the Instagram platform. I wouldn’t recommend on setting your goal as being dominant on simply one platform. You want to be able to build a cohesive digital strategy that allows you to contact your followers through multiple forms of communication. Building your email list has always been my number one priority. When building different digital mediums such as SEO, email marketing or social media we need to implement different strategies, tools and tactics.

    For specifically building your Instagram following try these six strategies:

    1. Instagram growth program
    2. Instagram Power likes
    3. Advertising
    4. Competitions
    5. Loop giveaways
    6. Public Relations strategies. I love using HARO. They have a daily round up of reporters looking for experts to interview. Score back links and free press.
    Brand Ambassadors on Instagram for Guess


    Do Instagram brand ambassadors get paid?

    Yes, professional Instagram brand ambassadors get paid.

    What is the difference between brand ambassadors and affiliates?

    There are many brands out there that approach users to become ambassadors yet they only offer a % on sales. This is an affiliate program, not an ambassador program.

    Brand Ambassadors vs Influencers

    The difference between brand ambassadors and an influencer is that an ambassador will represent the brand for a prolonged period of time. Influencer campaigns can achieve this although they can also be one-off brand representation campaigns too.

    How much does a brand ambassador make on Instagram?

    This is dependent on their social following, engagement levels, industry, the scope of work and the length of time the campaign will run for. If you are looking for a price point on one post you can use our Instagram Post Calculator.

    When you are looking at long term relationships and contracts most ambassadors will offer a discount rate.

    Brands looking for ambassadors in 2019

    The best way to find brands that are looking for ambassadors to work with is to ensure that you have an agent. There are a lot of digital platforms out there where you can negotiate your own deals with brands but it does take a lot of time.

    If you are serious about becoming an ambassador and have a large following an agent will cultivate relationships and campaigns on your behalf for a small percentage.

    Wrapping it all up:

    How to be an ambassador on Instagram

    How to be an ambassador on instagram implementation check list:

    1. Develop a brand identity

      How to become an Instagram Brand Ambassador

    2. Build an engaged following on Instagram

      how to be an ambassador on instagram

    3. Build your media kit

      You can download our free media kit template here.

    4. Sell yourself to brands

      Get that media kit out. Think about pitching to brands that share a similar audience to you.

    5. Find an agent to represent you.

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    How to become an IG Brand Ambassador
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    How to become an IG Brand Ambassador
    You asked we answered. Read our FAQ and Answers on how to become a brand ambassador in 2019.
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