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Ensure your maximising your lead nurturing campaigns and hitting your conversion rate goals. We build a complete automation process for you built on the stages of the consumer life cycle and the goals of your brand. Digital auditing, Lead forms, email automation campaigns, split testing audiences.

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Ensure your maximising your lead nurturing campaigns and hitting your conversion rate goals. We build a complete automation process for you built on the stages of the consumer life cycle and the goals of your brand.

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“We engaged The Socialite Media as a full agency service for our digital marketing and social media channels. Their social media strategy and execution service resulted in an influx of recruitment for new international students to be places with our host families. This made a considerable increase to our bottom line.”

Adventure Connects
Adventure Connects

“We were able to sell out our first round of subscription boxes thanks to The Socialite Media Agency! Their savvy digital team we are able to design and execute a campaign that found new buyers, acquired existing markets and converted social media traffic into leads and sales. The Socialite Media is a must for any new business start up!” – The Fit Girl Box.

The Fit Girl Box
The Fit Girl Box

“I’ve been so pleased with what you’ve done.” – City Mum.

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City Mum

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Why You Should Use Instagram For Your Business

May 9, 2019
In this digital age, social media platforms are now being used as e-commerce tools. A social media platform called Instagram has become a powerful online marketing tool for business for its ability to build a brand and connect with potential customers. If you are more into the stats then you’ll be amazed that in June of 2018, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million six months prior. Of those users, over 500 million are on Instagram on a daily basis, with 80% of them being outside of U.S., 34% of them are millennials and 38% are checking the app multiple times each day. That is a crazy number of users that are still growing each month. If your business is not on Instagram, I don’t what will convince you to expose your brand to these millions of people now? The concept of Instagram is simple and easy to understand. Users have the ability to post images or video clips and their followers can like or comment. Photos obviously are the highlight of Instagram. It has less clutter than Facebook posts that are flooded with comments and other clutters that can potentially let the potential audience skip off your post. But on Instagram, a single high-quality photo can get the attention of those users. Another thing is the hashtag culture that was started on Twitter has been incorporated into Instagram. Users click on these hashtags or keywords that summarize a particular topic the post is saying. You’ll see popular hashtags include in a post like #love #photooftheday #tbt etc., and you can take advantage of these keywords to get your post included on the hashtag feed. This simple trick can increase your visibility and exposure gained from this can help build awareness in your business.   Truly Instagram has changed the last year. The social media app also becomes a hub for the influencers who have a flock of followers or regular viewers on their Instagram profile. If you don’t know what influencers are, they are online personalities who promote a brand or product on the mainstream media. A reputable influencer can drive sales to a whole other level, spreading the word of your product to a big number of audiences with just a few Instagram posts.  Build relationships with these influencers that have a strong number of followers and are well respected. The best thing about Instagram is that you have the power to connect with audiences on a daily basis. Instagram is a powerful app that can let you like, comment on and share their posts. The more you engage, the more likes, comments, and shares you get, the more visible your business becomes. There is no limit to what a business can achieve in Instagram as long as it is backed with a dedicated social media strategy. Big companies, start-ups, or one-man business, all have the opportunity to a successful business using Instagram. So why you should use Instagram for your business? You probably

The Future of Instagram – Advertising Streams

April 8, 2019
Trend 2 # Instagram is Increasing it’s Advertising Streams When Facebook bought Instagram we all saw this one coming. The increase in advertising and ad revenue for the brand. Not only has the frequency of advertising changed but also the methods on which you can advertise. Read on for trend #2 on the future of IG. The only thing we are hoping is that they do not go over the top with ads. I personally stay off Facebook now because it’s so cluttered with sponosred posts I no longer want to use the platform. Seriously I feel like the ratio is 1 advertisment to every 3 posts. It has completely ruined my user experience. Consequently I now treat Facebook on a personal level like the plague. Let’s look at some financials. Andy Hargreaves, a research analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets told Recode that he expects Instagram to grow to about 30 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue in two years, as well as nearly 70 percent of the company’s new revenue by 2020: Hmmmm. Please do not go OTT guys! Instagram Financial Statistics In 2015, Instagram was forecasted to bring in $10.87bn in mobile ad revenue.  In 2017, it was estimated Instagram would reach nearly $4bn in revenue. By 2019, it’s said Instagram ad revenue could reach over $10bn. Let’s just hope the platform does not turn into another stream of ads. With an increased pressure for Instagram to now produce such a large percentage of revenue for the company it comes at no surprise that the brand has expanded it’s advertising model. Ads are now available on Instagram Stories Mark Rabkin, vice president of ads and business platform at Facebook said that “people are posting over a billion stories a day, and advertisers need to embrace the format, quick.” Now that Stories have their own ad options, businesses have a new opportunity to raise awareness for their products and services. Instagram Stories is another way for you to tap into people’s passions and inspire them to take action. In fact, of the 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories,1 one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers.2 With a direct message rate of one in five, this space brings a great ROI. To increase your Instagram stories conversion ensure that you are making your artwork as professional as possible. Remember that most users watch Instagram stories with sound! That is another facet to consider to help set your ad apart. To ensure the success of your campaign make sure that your ad has a strong direction and call to action. You can see here Milly allows the user to shop the looks on their website seamlessly in the Instagram app. How to Test Instagram Story Advertising Wondering how to test Instagram story advertising for your brand? Try a range of visual communication messages to see what best resonates with your audience. From casual unedited stories to video and influencer marketing. Measure the success of each

The Future of Instagram: 2019 Trends and Forecasts

April 5, 2019
Understanding the direction a social media platform is taking is imperative to staying on top of the social media influencer game. Today we are going to analyze the future of Instagram in 2019. Where are the current trends taking the platform, consumers and the business model. Let’s start from the very beginning. The evolution of Instagram Jul 16, 2010, the first ever photo was posted on Instagram. 9 April 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook for a cool $1 billion. The platform had 30 million users at the time of purchase. October 2013, Instagram introduced advertising for select brands only. September 2015, Instagram launches thier advertising platform. June 2016, we saw Instagram let go of their time of day chronological feed. August 2016, Instagram stories are released. This allowed the brand to become more competitive with Snapchats rising popularity. June 2018, IGTV, or Instagram TV was introduced. Instagram user statistics Instagram has 1bn monthly active users. The top three countries of Instagram users are: 1. The United States with 121 million users 2. India 71 million users 3. Brazil 64 million users The largest demographic audience is males between 18 – 24 years old. Explains why all those hot chick accounts do so well. 60.4% of all Instagram users are aged between 18 and 24. So what do all these statistics mean? What trends shall we expect to see? Trend #1: Increased Visual Communication Methods We have seen Instagram grow and change in order to stay competitive with rival social media platforms. The introduction of augmented reality, stories, and IGTV are just a few examples of how Instagram is aiming to compete with Snapchat and YouTube. No wonder this strategy is paying off since 95% of U.S. Instagrammers also use Youtube, 91% use Facebook and 60% use Snapchat. We have also seen the implementation of saved posts with the ability to save them into user named categories. This is very similar to a Pinterest-inspired “Collection”. Now, Instagram has began to harness the purchasing power of eCommerce giants like Shopify and Amazon. This is seen through the new advertising methods and the ability to purchase in seamlessly in the app. Instagram has always been about visually communicating with one another. Removing the barriers of language. They say a picture tells a thousand words. We expect to continue to see the growing evolutionary methods on how we can visually communicate on Instagram. Perhaps video calling may be in the works? Increased Popularity of Video If you have been working on Instagram for a while now, you may have noticed the increased engagement video posts get over photos. In fact, video became so popular IGTV came about so that users could post longer video content. The platform has increased its capabilities making it possible to film vertically. To Create Vertical Video for Instagram simply: Choose to shoot in vertical video mode on your phone, or flip your camera around to record in vertical. Curated feeds based on Interests not just Users My all time

The Best Bulk Email Marketing Software.

April 3, 2019
Starting your own business is overwhelming. Unless you have a substantial start up capital you may be stuck being a jack of all trades, master of none. At The Socialite Media we have had over ten years of digital marketing experience. From larger corporations to starting our own business, we have had to try many different options of marketing software to meet different needs, complexity and budget. Here is our opinion on the best bulk email marketing software for small to medium sized businesses today. What is bulk email marketing software? Let’s start at the very beginning. A bulk email service allows you to send individual email communications to lists of multiple recipients. Depending on what service you use will depend on the level of personalisation and data you can acheive. Why do people use bulk email marketing software? It simplifies the communication process. You can send out multiple newsletters all with the click of a button. It saves you work and time! What is the difference between email marketing and marketing automation? Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. Getting your marketing process automated helps you optimize the task done. Marketing automation is powerful software that aims to automate marketing processes. Marketing departments use automation software to more efficiently manage repetitive tasks including emails, SMS messages, social media, online advertisements, and more.. It is pretty hard now days to sign up with a bulk email provider that does not provide some level of marketing automation. What email marketing automation systems have I used? Starting my marketing career in the early 2010 I have had the opportunity to work with a few email marketing automation systems. From the simple service to the complex. MARKETO Unfortunately, I started off with the complex which was Marketo. It was wonderful because it opened my eyes to the power of what email automation can do! Creating lead pages, landing pages, drip feeds and email campaigns. It was an exciting new world. At that time I did not find it very user friendly. Marketo is a great tool, but unless you are a large corporation with thousands of dollars to spend then I would skip Marketo. My honest verdict: Even if I did have the money, I still would not choose this program. MAILCHIMP Mailchimp is the first free bulk email editing software I used with my business. It’s easy to use and you can create beautiful emails that are digitally responsive. The downside is that Mailchimp gets flagged in your SPAM folder quite easily. The functionality for advanced techniques such as product tagging, landing pages and automation is basic at best. My honest verdict: If you just want to send an email newsletter for free once a month this can work for you. To stay on the free plan you need

How to buy Instagram likes!

April 1, 2019
Are you looking to buy Instagram likes? Wondering why you should buy Instagram likes? Or who to buy them from? Then read on and we will tell you why you should be buying Instagram Powerlikes and the power behind the increased engagement. Why you should buy likes on Instagram! Having a good number of likes on Instagram can be more important than having a good follower’s count. Why? Believe it or not, but this number represents the quality of your image and the level of engagement your audience has with your brand. Brands looking to work with influencers look at the level of engagement as one of the main deciding factors as to whether they want to work with you as a brand and what rate of pay your posts are worth. Isnt buying Instagram likes fake and misleading? Yes and no! You need to understand and implement a strategy behind buying your likes. If you are simply buying Instagram likes for vanity purposes then yes it is misleading. However, if you are using Instagram likes to launch your posts into the top nine on Instagram and the explore page then no. This creates a snowball effect. In order to nail this strategy, you do need to buy real likes. Not bot likes. Instagram can smell them a mile off like fake followers. Buying cheap empty Instagram likes will damage your account. Buying real, organic Instagram likes will propel your account. Working with our Instagram likes service is a powerful Instagram Pod that is automated and managed by our agency. Users must be approved to join our Instagram service and we cut out all of the leechers that you get in your manual like for like Instagram pod groups. There is absolutely no difference between using ads to boost your likes and our pod service to hit the explore feed. Except on critical factor. It will cost you 15 times more to gain the likes and interaction through Instagram advertising compared to what we can acheive for you through our service. What is the difference between Instagram likes and Instagram Powerlikes? Power likes are Instagram likes from large Instagram accounts with good authority. This means that it gives your account more clad in the Instagram algorithm when they receive likes from high authority accounts. What is a good authority on Instagram? An account with high engagement and following. The Socialite Media has an impressive network of Instagram accounts ranging from 10K to 1M followers! The way power likes work is that once these “powerful” accounts like your post, it gets exposed to their entire follower base. This is all done by Instagram’s Algorithm, which showcases your post on the “Explore Page” or the “Top 9 Posts”. When an account with 100K followers likes your post, your post shows up on the explore page of the 100K followers! If they engage on your post, it then appears on their explore page and it turns into a snowball effect. This is what

5 Social Media Advantages for Your Business

March 25, 2019
Sometimes we can get discouraged when we don’t see immediate results. There is a lot more to Social Media then simply adding a caption and posting. In fact social media can be used to improve your SEO, CPC advertising rates and so much more. This article addresses 10 ways that you can use social media advantages for your business. Social media advantage #1 Social media posts drive targeted traffic. Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a substantial portion of your customers and leads are on social. A recent Pew Research Center study found that 68% of American adults are Facebook users. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 78% use Instagram and 45% are on Twitter. Even among Americans 65 and older, 37% are social media users. Having access to all those customers helps you boost traffic, particularly for new site content. When you post a new blog or update your homepage, it can take a while to get traction with Google. Unless you are an SEO expert! (We can help you rank your business with SEO you can get more info here) That means very few customers will know the new content is there unless you have sent out an EDM or the next time they’re searching for your product or service. Social media posts provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through to your site. And because those posts will primarily show up in the feeds of followers and people interested in your product, that traffic is typically very targeted. It won’t just boost your traffic numbers — it will bring in the type of visitors you want to attract. The traffic benefits of social media marketing can be dramatic. Social Media Advantage #2 Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO. You can use social media to boost your sites SEO! How? By posting articles from your website on Facebook creates a quality backlink. Once users start sharing that link it gains more clad. The same theory is implemented in Twitter. For me personally I have never been a huge twitter fan until I learned how highly ranked their URLs are in Google. Now I always make sure that I post a link to my articles on Twitter. Aside from earning an imporved SEO score from social media back links the increased traffic that is driven from your social media channels will also cause them to climb much faster. Social Media Advantages: #3 Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting. Why advertise on social media? Social media platforms like Facebook offer highly targeted ads, which can be customized around your customers’ needs. Not only are they highly targeted via industries and demographics but you can target users who have interacted with your brand. This allows you to make advertising campaigns based on warm leads rather than cold ones. This can dramatically decrease your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Pro Tip: Install a Facebook pixel on your website to track how your ads affect customer behavior, and retarget your

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram.

March 19, 2019
If you are stuck wondering what is the best time to post on Instagram, this guide will show you how to develop a time-based strategy that is based on your personal account! There are lots of statistics out there that show the best time to post for different days of the week, industries, sectors and overall. Peak Traffic Trends on Instagram. Data by Sprout Social shows the best times to post overall are: Posting at 5:00 AM CDT from Tuesday to Friday generates some of the highest engagement — people usually check their phones right when they wake up. Posting from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM CDT during the weekdays also generates a lot of engagement — people usually check their phones during lunch or when they start to run out of mental energy toward the end of the workday. If you want to post on the weekends, post on Saturday around 11:00 AM CDT when people eat brunch or hang out with their friends. If you are wanting to seriously step up your social media game then a generic approach simply will not do! It is important to tailor a strategy to your personal account and audience for the best results. How to Find Your Best Time to Post on Instagram: There are 2 main ways to find your best time to post on Instagram in 2019. They are: Posting in your audiences peak timezones. Testing different times and measuring your results. 1. Posting in your audiences peak timezones When it comes to the best time to post on Instagram, it’s essential to think about the time zones of your Instagram followers. We have a large audience in the United States, yet when we break down our insights via cities the audience is primarily Australian. That is two very different time zones! To find your optimal posting time for your Instagram account is look at your audience insights. You do need to have an active Instagram Business Account in order to have Instagram insights enabled. Simply click on the three lines in the top right-hand menu. Click the first option being: “Insights.” Navigate to the third tab: +Audience.” The first screen will show you the audience insights via cities: As you can see we have quite a diverse international audience based on the top locations via the city. To help us gain more insight on when to post we will also look at the audience insights per country. All we need to do is hit the countries tab. Now by looking at the Instagram Insights, we can see that our audience is predominantly in the United States. The last main insight we want to take a look at is the time of day our Followers are most active. Under the audience, tab scroll down until you reach the breakdown of followers activity via time of day and days of the week. As you can see on the below example the data is telling is the best time to post

The Best Photography Hashtags for Instagram 2019!

March 16, 2019
Instagram is a visual social media platform. It is a perfect medium for photographers to grow their audience, make sales and get their work recognized. A great way to achieve more traffic to your account is by nailing the right Hashtags. So here are our best photography hashtags to use on Instagram in 2019. Before we dive in, check out our guide on How I use Hashtags to go viral and how you can too! so you’re all clued up on the strategy to make this work! Generic Photography Hashtags Here are some of the most popular photography hashtags on Instagram. Because they are the most popular that also means they are the most competitive. Since you are allowed to use 30 hashtags I would suggest using 5 of these if your account is small. Use them sparingly to increase your reach, with more specific hashtags that are relevant to the photo! #JustGoShoot #InstaGood #InstaPhoto #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay #Photogram #Capture #Photography #iPhoneography #Camera #Composition #Photoshop #Instadaily #Igers #Cityscape #HDR #HDRspotters #Instafocus #IGworldclub #Visuals #Aesthetics #ThroughTheLens #Snapshot #Exposure #Moment Technical Photography Hashtags Technical photography hashtags relate to how your work has been captured. Use hashtags from the list below that are relevant to your niche. #Aperature #LongExposure #ManualFocus #Macro #RuleOfThirds #Vignette #50mm #LightPhotography #VSCO #VSCOcam #Snapseed  #LeadingLines #Symmetry #Viewpoint #Panorama #DepthOfField #GoldenRatio #Monogram #Monochrome #DodgeAndBurn #ThroughTheLens #Bokeh #MoodyGrams #FatalFrames #ReflectionGram #Lightroom Portrait Photography Hashtags If portrait photography is your specialty, try these photography hashtags. #PortraitPerfection #Portrait_Society #IGPortrait #Portraiture #PortraitOfTheDay #WithHumans #SelfPortrait #Portrait_Mood #InstaPortrait #PostMorePortraits #Portrait_Shots #PursuitOfPortrait #PortraitPage #PortraitSociety #RSA_Portraits #DiscoverPortrait #TangledInFilm  Landscape Photography Hashtags For the lovers of the great outdoors! Instagram is such a great place for scenic photography. Get the reach your pics deserve with these hot hashtags. #LandscapeLovers #BeautifulLandscape #Viewpoint #NakedPlanet #LandscapeHunter #Sky_Captures #ScenicView #Cloudscape #SkyScape #Mountains #LandscapeShot #Landscape_Specialist #Splendid_Earth #Outdoors #Earthpix #DiscoverLandscape #AwesomeGlobe #IGRefined #Earthescope  Street Photography Hashtags If you’re a street photographer, use these hashtags to find the people most likely to engage with you. Don’t forget to add your Geotag too for additional reach! #StreetShot #IG_Street #StreetShooter #StreetLife #StreetGrammer #UrbanPhotography #StreetVision #UrbanAisle #StreetTogether #StreetLeaks #ASPFeatures #In_Public_Sp #LensOnStreets #CaptureStreets #FromStreetsWithLove #Street_Photo_Club #UrbanShot #StreetView #LensCultureStreets #StoryOfThe Street Travel Photography Hashtags Travel bloggers are growing fast on Instagram. In order to stand out from the crowd use these travel photography hashtags on your posts. #TravelTheWorld #ShareTravelPics #WorldExplorer #TravelBug #Travelholic #Globetrotter #AroundTheWorld #TravelAddicts #GetLost #TravelScenes #InstaPassport #PostcardsFromTheWorld #PassportReady #TravelStroke #LonelyPlanet #TLPicks #PostcardPlaces #LiveIntrepid #LifeWellTraveled #LetsGoEverywhere  Black & White Photography Hashtags If you only shoot in monochrome, use these black and white photography hashtags to share your work. #BnW #Monochrome #BnW_Captures #BnW_Mood #BWLovers #BnW_OfTheWorld #Monochromatic #Irox_BW #IgersBnW #Insta_Pick_BW #World_BnW #NoirStreetLife #BW_Life #MonoArt #Noir #InstaBlackAndWhite #BW_Society #Greyscale #BnW_Perfection #BnWPhotos Community Hubs For Photographers Community Hub hashtags are designed to help you connect, share and grow across Instagram. Finding a community account on Instagram that suits your photography style has never been easier now that we have done the work for you. When interacting with a new community hub make sure you: Follow the page,

Implement an SEO strategy into your Instagram account.

March 15, 2019
Are you curious about how to Implement an SEO strategy into your Instagram account? Or how to increase your social media growth using SEO tactics? Then read on we will show you how to apply an SEO strategy into your Instagram account. Today we are going to be setting up your Instagram profile for success by implementing social media SEO Strategy and Tactics. Todays tools for success you will need are: 1. You’re laptop or phone handy with your Instagram account. 2. Internet access. Let’s get started! Defining your Instagram goals: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” T Robbins.   In order to achieve success, we must define the goals that you are working towards accomplishing. Here are three questions to help you define your objectives for your social media strategy: 1. Are you trying to establish a brand? Or are you a brand? 2. Are you trying to or do you currently sell products? 3. Are you working towards becoming an influencer? If you are establishing a brand do you have a link to your website in the bio? If you are selling products is your Instagram account shoppable? Becoming an influencer? Do you have a blog or a means of capturing leads from your account? All of these goals have different call to actions. Ponder what your goals are and how your account can serve you better. Action item: Implement one of the following onto your Instagram account that best suits your needs: Lead capture form or lead magnet. I use Convertkit. Shoppable feed. Website link. Implementing SEO on your Instagram account Now that we have clearly defined goals let’s see how we can incorporate a search engine optimisation strategy into your Instagram account. We will be focusing on your Biography, Username, developing keywords and Handle when implementing a social SEO strategy. SEO for your Instagram Biography Let’s start withIn your bio. The biography in your Instagram account is a space where you want to tell your user what to expect when they follow you. Here are a few key points to consider when writing your biography: 1. What is your Instagram account about? Fashion, Marketing, Health or Fitness? Define your niche and stick to it. 2. Establish your authority! Do you have credentials? Perhaps experience? If so incorporate it into your profile. Give users a reason to increase their trust in your recommendations. 3. Where are you located? This is great to note because other influencers and brands will want to collaborate with other users in the same geographic location. You will also find that when people develop a relationship with your online profile users will feel more connected if you are in a similar geographic location. 4. How can you be reached? This is really important I know so many business users that do not have their contact details on Instagram. If you want to make sales or close brand deals you need to provide a way for users

Follow Friday; Gain Friends and Followers

January 7, 2019
Follow Friday, or Mom Crush Monday, is not as exclusive as it seems. Follow Friday…you’ve seen them everywhere; the gorgeous foursquare grid of mamas and their smiling cherubs. It seems like all these other mommies literally know everyone on Instagram, have they always been besties? No, no they haven’t. If you are wondering how to get the most followers on instagram! Then Follow Fridays is a great method. If you sit back in awe and wonder every time a “Follow Friday” rolls around and that one mom has another set of gorgeous women to parade in front of you while you on the other hand have never had a single woman to put on parade, don’t feel bad mama, we’ve all been there. (No seriously we have.) Everyone seems to think that these groups magically come together as a bunch of moms who have known each other forever, could give personal testimony to each other’s amazing moming skills, aaaaaaaand would probably even take a bullet for the lady pictured next to her. But because I’m here to shed some light on all things “Social Media Motherhood” let’s just burst that bubble right now. Most these women don’t know each other. We’re not on first name basis, we’re not besties in real life, we’ve never met before, and we’re probably not even following each other. There, I said it. Are you happy now? Shocked? Don’t be. Follow Fridays or Mom Crush Monday’s are a great way to reach out, meet new mommies, but also (potentially) gain some new followers. Let’s not even pretend that we’re all doing this because we just love each other so much. Follow Friday and Mom Crush Monday’s really are a great way to grow your network of mommy ‘friends’ but at the end of the day let’s just be honest and admit that they’re really about the hope of gaining a few new followers. Speaking of followers…How many will you gain? Well, that right there is the hard part friends. You may gain a couple hundred, or you may not get a single one. I’ve had both. It is especially hard to gage how much traffic you receive from Follow Friday’s once your page gets a little bigger and you start receiving regular followers daily; how many actually come from a Follow Friday no one really knows. But again, it can be a great way to make some new friends and reach a different audience. So, let’s get down to the actual business of it. How to Arrange a Follow Friday: Step 1) Ask 4 moms. Step 2) You’re done! Ha ha okay it’s a little more work than that, but in essence that’s it. Usually I message 4 moms to start (if I’m arranging the group), and then as you hear back with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ you can begin to ask more to fill the necessary spot. Also, there is no rules as to how many moms you can feature. 4 or 6 is typical (meaning there are 5 or 7 moms in the group;

Buying a 1,000 Instagram followers? Read this first.

January 2, 2019
Looking to buy 1,000 instagram followers? There are so many options out there how do you know which one to choose? Will buying Instagram followers benefit your account? This article will show you the good and bad sides of buying Instagram followers. As well as how to find a quality source to buy Instagram followers from. Whether you are looking at buying 50 or 100 Instagram followers the same methods apply! So let's get started!

Instagram Influencer Calculator – What are your posts worth?

December 28, 2018
The Instagram Influencer Calculator Place your details below to see what your Instagram posts are worth! Wondering what to charge for your Instagram Post? Over all the complex CPC methods? Use our simple Instagram influencer calculator to value your Instagram post! Instagram stars and those who make a living as an Influencer There are many influencers out there that have been able to achieve the dream.  To live posting photos and videos of beautiful places. Whether it’s the latest fashion items, the international brands, small regional companies, dream trips or even visits to restaurants, right in your own neighborhood. Instagram stars are the new actors and musicians, the new idols. They have a huge influence on our lives and they are creating this reality for themselves. They are the ultimate self made reality stars chosen by the people! Instagram influencers  with more than 100,000 followers can earn $700-$900 per photo. Pretty sweet right?  Those with 500,000 followers can command $2,000 to $3,000 per sponsored photo posted. Then, of course, there are the celebrity superstars. Kim Kardashian West has been able to command $300,000 for a post across all of her social media platforms. Of course, her 87.1 million Instagram followers do put her in a class of her own! A typical post by any of the Kardashian / Jenners clan usually earns at least $200,000. I had a lot of fun plugging in celebrities and leading influencers into our Instagram Influencer Calculator to see what their content is worth! Action Item Plug in a few influencers that are complimentary to your account size and brand and see what they are earning. Place a few influencers that you are aspiring to and see what your earning potential could be! Below is female Instagram star Alexis Ren valued at a cool $28,o00 a post! Why become an Instagram Influencer? Instagram is currently one of the top social networks worldwide. It’s not heavily cluttered with spam and a tonne of advertising like Facebook, you can build your Instagram account easily with organic methods and super charge it with  the help of software and advertising. Instagram is a great tool to get users to move over to your blog or take other call to actions such as purchasing products.   Establishing yourself as a blogger, allows you to quickly cultivate fans across multiple social media platforms. How to start as an Instagram Influencer Samples, first jobs and advertising campaigns In the beginning when you are starting out as an influencer you generally get pretty excited over all the free swag that will get sent to you. Brands want to send you free goods, in exchange for photos. What you need to be mindful of is that companies are making money with the sale of the products afterwards. Plus they are saving money on the makeup artist and photographer to create the content. Doesn’t seem quite fair right? It is best to calculate your Instagram post value right here in the Calculator! Starting out as a paid
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