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Instagram Power Likes

$35.00 / 7 days / week

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Experience the power of Instagram powerlikes.

Gain coveted digital real-estate in the top posts and the explore feed.

  • Real like from real active Instagram accounts
  • Premium Organic Growth
  • Posts are boosted in our engagement pod every 30 minutes
  • Safe and Secure
  • No more manual like for like in pod groups that don’t deliver
  • Maximum of 30 posts per month

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  • Description

Power Likes

This quick guide is to help you understand what Power likes are and how they work.

Why use Power Likes?

With the new Instagram algorithm changes, it has been increasingly difficult to get the same engagement you used to have. Your followers are still growing, but your engagement is dropping. This makes your page look less authentic and reliable. How do you change this? Utilise our Power likes plan! Our power likes  plan guarantees an increase of engagement while exponentially increasing the chances of your page going ‘viral’!

What is a Power Like?

Power likes are likes from an Instagram account with high engagement and authority. The Socialite Media has an impressive network of Instagram accounts ranging from 10K to 1M followers! The way power likes work is that once these “powerful” accounts like your post, it gets exposed to their entire follower base. This is all done by Instagram’s Algorithm, which showcases your post on the “Explore Page” or the “Top 9 Posts”.

When an account with 100K followers likes your post, your post shows up on the explore page of the 100K followers! If they engage on your post, it then appears on their explore page and it turns into a snowball effect. This is what is known as “going viral.” Our service provides multiple hundred power likes from such big accounts to put you in front of a network consisting of 100M+ followers. The more likes you opt for, the more exposure you get!

What’s so cool about being on the explore page?

Being on the explore page will get your Instagram profile the ultimate exposure. We have seen users get anywhere from 500 all the way to 8,000 followers from a single post getting on the explore page! Even better, getting on the explore page over and over, is how one gets verified, it is a process so might as well get started now.

What is engagement?

Engagement is the number of Likes+Comments+Saves. Whenever the people perform any action or a multiple of these actions, your post will be put on their explore page. This gives the opportunity for their followers to engage with your content. The higher the ratio of engagement rate to impressions is, the more viral your post will get!

Why should you pay for Power Likes or Comments?

We all know that the Instagram Algorithm has drastically changed over the last few years. Now, Instagram decides how many people to show your post to depending on the posts engagement.

This means that posts with higher engagement have a higher chance of being seen by more people. Power likes help increase the number of people Instagram shows your post to and gives you an opportunity to gain more followers.

Why are Power likes important for Influencers?

For those of you that are influencers, you should know that companies pay influencers. A large deciding factor of the rate of pay is  based on engagement rate.

The engagement rate = (number of likes + number of comments) / total followers. That means even if you have 100K followers, are getting 10K likes and comments, you may likely get paid the same rate as another account with 75K followers and 15K likes and comments. With a much higher engagement rate, not only will you stand out from the others, you will also be paid a more significant rate!

Summary: For a quick recap, these are the benefits you would receive from enrolling in our power likes network.

  • get the ultimate exposure on the famous “Explore Page” all around the world
  • guaranteed increase of likes and comments from other reputable accounts for social proof
  • higher rate per post for those that are influencers by having increased legitimacy
  • increase your daily impressions