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Ensure you still get seen!   We have all seen those accounts that boasts loads of followers yet the engagement rate is super low! Or perhaps those spammy accounts that comment 100’s of emojis or comments that just don’t make any sense! Instagram has wised up to these bot actions and has introduced a new algorithm and has ghosted spammy accounts. What does this mean? They won’t be seen. Let’s now take a step back

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With all the buzz around the importance of social media. Many of us don’t know where to start or where to get results? Have you ever wondered what a solid social media strategy can do for you? We have all heard about how we can increase our reach using social or perhaps get leads and make sales. When it comes to the crunch is your social media strategy yielding results? If not it’s time to

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linkedin slideshare

Linked in is a powerful professional social network. It is a great way for B2B users to connect and network online. You can impress prospective clients with information on the number of years you’ve been in operation, past and current projects and the benefits your company offers. Using your LinkedIn account with Slideshare is a powerful combination to acquire new leads and make sales. Wondering why and how? Then read on! What is LinkedIn SlideShare?

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Never underestimate the advantage of superior communication skills. Especially when it comes to your social media strategy! This article will help you keep a clear concise message and allow you to grow the most followers on Instagram as well as other social media platforms. Good Communication practices in Social Media Marketing Social networking is a digital marketing tactic to drive targeted traffic to your site, brand or blog. It is a key player for companies

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Promotion is the medium of stimulating sales later on and subsequently, it’s among the most critical functions of the management of a business. In the easiest of terms, content promotion is an advertising technique in which businesses utilize valuable, relevant content to pull new clients, engage their existing clients, and build their brand. Make sure you think about your social networking strategy and how it aligns with your business goals when you are putting together

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Imagine the power of being able to send an exclusive offer to your competitors clients? Well that has now become a reality.  Lets face it social networking today is becoming a loud and noisy place, everyone is trying to blast their messages across so many channels that may not even fit the audience. Resulting in well really SPAM. So we have a sneaky way that you can get in touch with your audience personally!  If

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